About Us

SheSpoke Suits is a response to an opportunity and a reflection of our heart to create a more inclusive suiting industry that complements and empowers women from all walks of life to be confident - standing out no matter the environment because we were created to be different; bold - harnessing the power of our voice; and poised - learning how best to address and overcome adversity in the workplace. 


We dress women who inspire others to be: 

...wise and knowledgeable of her industry.

...tenacious; set backs propel her forward.

...composed, authentic and unique.

...fearless, confident, unapologetic, and bold.

...adventurous, cultured and curious.


We believe the suit is a rising symbol of female empowerment and strength.

Our Team

Brittany Leach



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Brittany’s 10+ years of experience working with higher education institutions, campaigns, and nonprofits, demonstrate her keen ability to drive change: to transform, align, and inspire people in a fast-paced environment.  She is an experienced, people-oriented leader with a proven track record of successfully facilitating initiatives with multiple stakeholders by articulating a vision, translating it into an executable strategy, and driving cross-functional teams to deliver results.  She has a natural orientation towards developing organizational culture, leading change, and community building, and she creates structure, form and process where there is chaos and uncertainty in business, but more importantly in business women.  

Yolanda Rayside


Director of Business Development

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Yolanda Rayside earned her Master of Public Administration for Health Policy and Management from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. She serves as the Head of Career Coaching Partnerships for SheSpoke Suits. With a background in fashion design, she understands the right fit puts the power in “power suit”. Yolanda wants to ensure every woman has the chance to feel empowered, confident, and comfortable.

Priyanka Khema

Business Developmet Associate

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Priyanka Khemka is a project manager at Nexant, an Energy & Chemicals Advisory in New York. She has led and managed several client engagements on market research, pricing analysis for various chemicals and fertilizers. She actively pursues new business opportunities and manages client relationships as well. She is currently pursuing a part time MBA degree at NYU Stern Business School. Priyanka is also a meditation teacher, and conducts stress management workshops for The Art of Living Foundation and International Association of Human Values.


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