About Us

Our research has revealed that women feel confident in stylish suits that fit but unfortunately they have a very difficult time finding affordable options that offer “the right fit” in time for their interviews, recruitment events, speaking events, and meetings.  What compounds this problem is that representation has never mattered more, but when it comes to women in suits, it is lacking. If you run a quick Google images search for “the suit,” the search will return a plethora of White men in suits. Google “women’s suits” and, dependent upon the retailer, the model will either be White or Asian. Google “Black women, suit” and the search returns a lot of black suits, and a few Black women in black suits. The suit is a symbol of success and SheSpoke Suits is on a mission to revive this look by diversifying who is wearing the suit. 


SheSpoke Suits plans to offer tailored, affordable, stylish suits that inspire women to be their own best advocate.  Our suit is designed by women, for women.  The suit features stretchy, structured fabric so our customers look and feel comfortable and sharp, the suit has plenty of pockets to ensure our customer is good on the go, and most importantly, the suit is tailored so we are size inclusive. We are named SheSpoke Suits because with so much needed change in the world we want to ensure women are prepared to effectively use their voice to campaign for themselves and others when the time comes. 

SheSpoke Suits is a response to an opportunity and a reflection of our heart to create a more inclusive suiting industry that complements and empowers women from all walks of life to be confident - standing out no matter the environment because we were created to be different; bold - harnessing the power of our voice; and poised - learning how best to address and overcome adversity in the workplace.  We do this by providing tailored, affordable, stylish suits that fit. 


We dress women who inspire others to be: 

...wise and knowledgeable of her industry.

...tenacious; set backs propel her forward.

...composed, authentic and unique.

...fearless, confident, unapologetic, and bold.

...adventurous, cultured and curious.


We believe the suit is a rising symbol of female empowerment and strength.