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Brittany R. Leach

Brittany was born and raised in one of Chicago’s northwest suburbs. In the 90’s, Palatine, IL was poor in diversity and rich with opportunity. She grew up with certain privileges my Black peers raised in the city did not have, but the effects of being the only one like her, made herconstantly question why she was different.  From herskin tone, to her hair, her speech, and her race, she never felt like she was enough.  She never felt like she truly belonged.  The prejudice and blatant racism that she faced as a child and teenager slowly smothered her confidence and subconsciously suppressed her voice.


It has taken a lot of self-work to rebound from the trauma of the past. She has learned not just to accept what makes her different, but to celebrate it.  Had it not been for daring social movements like the natural hair movement, and the many examples of other Black women who chose daily to boldly walk in their calling, she would not have regained the confidence needed to accomplish all that she has, nor would she have been courageous enough to start SheSpoke Suits. Like most of our customers, her first-time shopping for a suit was memorable, for all the wrong reasons; poor fit, terribly styled, and too much time spent searching. The suiting options that fit her budget left her despising a moment that should have felt empowering and the experience as a whole was one big, missed expectation.


Fast forward to today, Brittany believes women rise together and so she has assembled an amazing team of women that are passionate, strong, determined, and resilient; together, they strive to diversify who is wearing the suit.  Women want to be seen, heard, and valued, and it is Brittany's vision that SheSpoke Suits will help with preparing students, recent graduates, interviewees, employees, entrepreneurs, politicians, and keynote speakers for their journey. She wants all women to be comfortable and confident remaining true to themselves in spaces where they stand out.  


Her 10 years of experience working with higher education institutions, campaigns, and nonprofits, demonstrates her keen ability to drive change: to transform, align, and inspire people in a fast-paced environment.  She is an experienced, people-oriented leader with a proven track record of successfully facilitating initiatives with multiple stakeholders by articulating a vision, translating it into an executable strategy, and driving cross-functional teams to deliver results.  She has a natural orientation towards developing organizational culture, leading change, and community building. She creates structure, form and process where there is chaos and uncertainty in business, but more importantly in business women.  She builds purposefully and she is passionate about encouraging women to be their best and unique selves, no matter what space they are in.  She has completed her Executive Masters in Public Administration program at New York University and she has a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.