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Jennifer Aspinwall

Jennifer is the daughter of Peruvian immigrants, and she has devoted her life to encouraging and inspiring others to achieve their highest potential. With over 10+ years of Business Development and Sales experience, Jennifer has helped companies reach new markets, convert leads and expand their client base. Jennifer is currently the Head of New Market Acquisition for Beautycounter and is committed to reaching underserved communities. She previously worked at Avon INC. and New Avon LLC. She graduated from Catholic Univeristy with a dual degree in Communications and Theatre.


Fun fact! Jennifer is very passionate about music and has been singing from a very early age and writing music since 2005. Her music can be described as worldly, while being catchy and melodic. She comes from a heritage of music industry notables such as her cousin producer/musician Richard Aspinwall. She has also been featured in several box office movies.